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Double Yay!!

2009-04-06 08:46:26 by StupidGir

Another flash of mine passed the portal!!! Thankies!!!


2009-04-05 09:58:44 by StupidGir

My first real flash has passed!

And by real flash, I mean the first one that isn't 5 seconds long!


Click here to watch!!



2008-02-18 22:49:50 by StupidGir

I just made like, 10 flashes in the last 2 months during Multimedia class at school, and I was gonna upload them all today, but it wouldn't let me! It had some kind of error, so I can't upload them! AURRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! >:(


2007-08-11 16:14:22 by StupidGir

Ok, for all you retards out there... AFDGSFBSFVBSFDVG!!!

Thank you for you time.

Hello People

2007-08-09 12:20:35 by StupidGir

Umm... yea... I am new here... yea... I am sorta bad at flash, but I still like voting, and this way, it will help some people more.